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Our Brands


Agrogreen, from the heart of Portugal

From the heart of Portugal, more specifically in Ribatejo, is born Agrogreen. Headquartered in this region, largely marked by its origins and people related to agriculture, Agrogreen is a global operator in distribution, commercialization and [...]

Distribution and Logistics

Agrogreen has modern facilities and advanced technological equipment for the production and distribution of food products, capable of answering to all national and international needs.   With a vision of growth, we combine all conditions [...]

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The “Little Corner” planted by the sea.

The “Little Corner” is developed on the premise of respect and build a heritage brand around a traditional ecosystem, parochial, commercial and in an immense will to extol what good and unique exists in Portugal.
It is the “little corner” of olive oil, wine, vegetables, fruits, seasonings,
…. It is ours and unique! Full of soul and life, it is a little corner planted by the sea, full of genuine and healthy products distinct in quality and flavor.
It is the awakening of the palate, it is the anthem of the Portuguese gastronomic products.