Agrogreen, from the heart of Portugal…

From the heart of Portugal, more specifically in Ribatejo, is born Agrogreen. Headquartered in this region, largely marked by its origins and people related to agriculture, Agrogreen is a global operator in distribution, commercialization and agrifood production.

With Production from the most fertile national soils, Agrogreen is specialized in the preparation, conditioning and preservation of the natural characteristics of agricultural products with the premise of bringing to the market a healthy food from origin.

Agrogreen assumes the concern to invest in expansion, continuous improvement and innovation, systematically extending its product portfolio.


The land provides a wealth of valuable nutrients that are vital for all of us. Preserve the pure gifts of nature and provide natural and quality products is our main mission. We assume, therefore, the commitment to develop, prepare, select and pack, agricultural products of excellence in Portugal. We aim to maximum satisfaction of our customers, generate and create value to the market.

Agrogreen intends to provide customers only products that respect the higher standards of quality and safety. To reach these goals, we apply integrated production methods, always respecting the environment, following the production chain from the seed selection to final distribution.


Agrogreen considers that the development and training of human resources are critical to the activity that develops, actively promoting
the improvement of safety, reinforcement of skills and progress of all its employees. In preparing its activity, has a young and motivated
team with extensive experience in industry and food distribution.
The politics of the Agrogreen group is based on essential human values that define our identity. Our values and ethical standards are the pillars to keep the people together, customers trust and the sustainability of the company. We intend that all employees and those working on their behalf costumer his conduct by the highest standards of ethics and professionalism.

Natural Resources

The management of natural resources is a central theme and present in the Agrogreen strategy. Decision-makers have a key role in the active awareness of employees, in order to mobilize all, that the environment is a constant concern in the implementation of the various processes that it develops. In this sense our productions units aim to optimize resources have been adapted and adjusted to this reality in several key factors:

◊ Electrical energy: more than 80% of the energy consumed in the production unit comes from a renewable source provided by
a solar system.

◊ Water: the water consumed is extracted from a private exploration unit and submitted to regular treatment and analysis. The entire
transformation process was developed with the premise of saving and reusing water.

◊ Waste: where is made a treatment and recovery of the same in order to be reusable.

Sustainable Development

Agrogreen aims to meet the current market demands, without compromising future generations’ needs. The main matrix in making management decisions is to create the products in a sustainable way, respecting the planet and people. Aims to contribute, now and in the future, to a satisfactory level of social and economic development and human and cultural achievement. Making at the same time a reasonable use of land resources, preserving species and natural resources.

The activity of Agrogreen depends on the equilibrium between economic performance and its contribution to sustainable development.

Quality and Innovation

In order to remain at the forefront of the agrifood sector, Agrogreen invests constantly in infrastructures and processes, such as facilities,
software implementation of advanced management, logistic platforms and production equipment.

Different projects of new technologies and R & D allowed to optimize all processes and increase efficiency. Economies of scale and
reduction of maintenance costs and production levels, enable reflect these gains in the prices of our customers.


Quality and food safety have always been one of the company’s strategy pillars.

Agrogreen performs very demanding controls from the beginning of the process to industrial farming final stage.
This supervision is accompanied with regular audits to guarantee the implementation of all procedures and compliance with defined rules.

Certification is a responsibility and a commitment to employees, suppliers, customers and consumers. The Agrogreen is committed to
deserve more and more confidence.